Drills are used to validate a specific function or capability in a single organization.


  • Evacuation
  • Lockdown
  • Reverse evacuation
  • Room clear


Drills must be based on plans and procedures. The school EOP, policies, and procedures must be clearly defined. Personal must also be familiar with the EOP, policies, and procedures.

Using a drill is not only to inform, but also for:

  • Training on new equipment
  • Validate procedures
  • Practice and maintain current skills
When conducting a drill, it must be made aware that a drill is being conducted. The drill needs to be kept safe, but make it real.


Conduct the drill at various times and conditions for different outcomes:
  • During an event/assembly
  • Arrival/Dismissal
  • Class change
  • After hours events


The drill needs to be evaluated and provide feedback for future revisions.