I have been working in IT since 2005. My first job was working at my apartment complex, who provided internet to all residents. In 2009 I started working at the Apple Store in Saddle Creek. After a year, I was on my way to Austin, TX for training to become certified to repair computers. Knowing that I wanted to expand my career, I left in 2011 and joined Sedgwick CMS. There I was handling desktop support for proprietary applications, as well as some general support, over the phone, email, and ticketing system. After two years, I was approved by another person who had left the Apple Store. He wanted to see if I was interested in working for a growing school district repairing computers and setting up printers and phones. The goals and motivation behind the organization was awesome, so I took the chance and left. Since then I have worked at Gestalt Community Schools. Starting with three schools at two sites, we are now six schools at six sites, plus the main office. I now handle the design, implementation, and maintenance of the network, plan for future growth from an IT perspective, and support a team of three other technicians.