Warmachine/Hordes Battle Report: 005

Took Game Five to my Local Comic Shop for a New Player I setup a 15pt battle for a new friend to try. He previously has »

Warmachine/Hordes Battle Report: 004

Trying Out New Faction and Bigger Points in Game Four This battle, we decided to go to 25pts and try out Cryx and Cygnar. Match Specifics »

Magnetizing Warpwolf Kit with Ghetorix

When I put together the Circle faction of the Two Player Battle Box, I did not know that a Warpwolf kit existed. Everything was put together »

Warmachine/Hordes Battle Report: 003

New Player for Game Three After talking about Warmachine, my friend Evan (A.K.A. Professor Science) wanted to try out the game. I brought the »

Warmachine/Hordes Battle Report: 002

The Forgotten Second Game Jeff and I played again the week after, but I forgot to write it up. Then I tried to write it up »

Warmachine/Hordes Battle Report: 001

First Game My friend and I played our first Warmachine game. The game was more to learn rules, so we made exceptions to some rules, skipped »